DIY Backyard Firepit and Chiminea


We found this DIY firepit idea that’s a simple solution for creating your own backyard chimenea.

Steel washtub, bricks, and wood, and you are ready to go. Make sure your firepit is on solid level ground and that you’ve got the proper fire extinguisher, sand, or water nearby.

Here is some more firepit inspiration as well as another do-it-yourself firepit that you can finish in two hours.

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  • Steve

    Reminds me of the old days hanging out on the beach with the firepit at Golden Gardens in Seattle. Good times.

  • Hops

    i agree with steve. does remind me of the old days…weekend bonfires with beer and buddies in the boonies of western new york. could’ve used one of these back then.

  • au

    I bought a giant metal bowl (c. 3′ in diameter) from a used restaurant supplies place years ago, and over the years it has sat around rusting beautifully. I use it as is for a firepit, and drag it about at whim. I love this fire bowl.

  • Timothy

    That metal bowl sounds like an interesting solution!

  • Jeff

    Great photo. FYI – more info on building your own firepit: