Do You Need More Attic Insulation?

When considering energy-efficient and environmentally friendly improvements to make to your home, the attic is an often overlooked area that, if poorly insulated, results in higher heating/cooling costs, not to mention a general inefficiency that compromises your home’s interior.
To find out if you need to replace your insulation, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends an insulation thickness of at least R-30, or 11 inches of fiber glass or 8 inches of cellulose. If you find yourself below those amounts, it’s time to add more.

Because your region’s climate affects the type of insulation you’ll want to use, consult the Department of Energy’s insulation zone website that recommends insulation needs by zone. Those who live in very hot or very cold climates may also want to insulate the attic’s exterior walls, but this is a more expensive project that is best completed by a contractor.
photo courtesy of Ryan McFarland

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