Eco-Dome Homes

Straight from Tatooine comes the Eco-Dome (small house, “moon-cocoon”).

Here are some features.
1. Built from local earth-filled Superadobe coils (soil-cement or lime-stabilized earth).
2. Tree free.
3. Maximum use of space through alternative options.
4. Self-contained single unit (potential for a guest house or studio apartment) or double unit (larger family residence).
5. Can be repeated and joined together to form larger homes and courtyard houses.
6. Can be built by a team of 3-5 persons.
7. Designed with the sun, shade and wind in mind for passive cooling and heating.
8. Wind-scoop can be combined with a rated furnace unit, depending on local code approval. Solar energy and radiant heating may be incorporated.
9. Interior furniture can be built-in with same material.
Price: $2,400 for a single unit (400 sq. ft. approx), $3,200 for double unit (800 sq. ft. approx.)

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  • Pamela Love

    Do you know of someone that can bulid an eco-dome in northern california (willits) for me? I am going to be building a home in 2 years, but I want to begin planning now.
    Thank you.

  • Just stumbled upon your blog…very nice!
    Love this eco-dome India especially in Gujarat/Rajasthan with arid weather conditions… most of the rural homes are constructed with mud.
    Love the rustic feel:-)

  • Rick

    Wow, I can’t believe the price! Totally green home, I think you have solved the Earth’s housing problem. They are fine looking homes, I hope there is a way to waterproof them for more northern climates. Congratulations and well done! Best Regards, Rick

  • Veronica

    Would you send me information about how to contact the people who can build it in Puerto Rico???.

  • Phillip de Burgh

    i simply adore this house, it’s just fantastic. My question is though: How would you go about building something like this in the UK? When you consider that for most of the year England is somewhat damp, i would imagine that may have some effect on the matrials used or the Matrials you are able to use? Is there a protective skin i.e. Limewash (probably a bad example) that could be used?