EZ-Twist PaintStick: No Tray Needed

Painting can be a messy affair and drips usually occur as you are reloading your brush or roller via a can or paint tray. The EZ-Twist PaintStick is a new product from HomeRight that allows you to paint without the need for a messy tray.
Here’s how it works:
Attach the Paintstick to your paint can and pull paint into the Paintstick tube. Then push the paint out onto the roller.

The PaintStick holds up to 18 ounces of paint in the handle. You can paint about an 8’x8′ sized wall on one full load of paint.
The attached roller cover will protect you when painting ceilings and the long reach will keep your ladder in storage.
The grips feel good in your hand and the twisting handle has a smooth action and overall the product feels solid.
Our main concern was how to thoroughly clean this item but that was appeased with the ease of disassembly as the handle is easily removed and all items can be thoroughly washed including the roller and cover.
These go for about $40. Check them out here.

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