Faux Fireplaces

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful fireplaces in their homes–but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t enjoy the benefits.

If your house or apartment doesn’t lend itself to a chimney, consider a faux fireplace. There are a lot of options from portable fireplaces to ones that are actually built into the wall, complete with a mantle. You can choose to go all out with a gas fire or simply decorate with candles.

Some of the best examples of faux fireplaces that we seen were once actual working fireplaces but due to age, disrepair or zoning requirements the fireplaces are no longer functional but instead of just leaving a hole in the wall the homeowners decided to make the most of the space. One of the best examples of this is a former fireplace that was turned into a magnetic chalkboard for kids.


Here are some of our favorite faux fireplaces that we hope inspire you to build your own.

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