Get Unique Lawn Decor For Cheap with Salvaged Building Materials

salvaged garden decor.jpg
Your garden might be looking a little bland. Even the bright blooms are starting to appear blah. How can you quickly spice your yard up? And without spending your whole pay check at the local garden center?
Shop the salvage way – by cruising garage sales, thrift stores and building demolition sites. Not only will you be getting a good deal, but it’s a great way to practice sustainable gardening and responsible outdoor decorating. The demolition contractors will appreciate you saving them the dumping charges and you’re likely to find some real gems.
What types of reclaimed materials work in the backyard? Really anything that suits your fancy, from old metal wagon wheels to damaged French doors and window frames. The trick is to find materials that fit with the atmosphere in your backyard.

Maybe you have a whimsical theme, like a cottage garden or a wild countryside look. Aged, rural materials work well. Bushel baskets filled with annuals, an old, painted bicycle leaning against a tree trunk, even rusty iron fences or grates look fabulous as backdrops and screens.
If your home leans more towards a contemporary style, look for clean lines and geometric shapes. Heavy, squat containers work well as planters. Simple window frames can bring out a focal point or be used as a trellis. Mirrors in any shape and size add depth and visual interest to any spot.
Don’t worry about the items being made for the outdoors. You can paint, stain or weather proof them before setting up or just leave them to the elements. Either way you’re getting more life out of them than the garbage dump will.
Selection is only limited by your imagination. It may look like junk sitting in a pile at the curb, but with some creativity, a sense of adventure and a spirit for sustainability you can have the most unique lawn and garden decor items in the neighborhood.
photo courtesy of Nigel Wedge – flickr/sarniebill1

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