Give a Green Gift

If you want to spread knowledge about lessening our carbon impact, give the gift of green. Any item you would buy ordinarily, from food to clothes and even certificates can be given “greenly”.
One of the best resources for green gifts They have a broad range of categories for every imaginable interest if you click on their gift guide. They even include a selection of green gift solutions for the DIYer. The link will take you a stunning array of gifts that are fun, frivolous or useful, but always green. For the practical gift recipient, check out the Green Switch, which turns off all the electronics in a home with out having to go around the house and turn off every item individually.
Much of green gift giving simply means putting a little imagination into your gift. The greenest gifts are things that have been repurposed. Look around for something you can repurpose and improve upon for someone else.

For oenophiles (wine-lovers) consider introducing them to organic grapes, maybe even produced through fair trade. Putting extra thought into a gift is always appreciated and while it can be hard to find fair-trade products, giving them raises awareness and that is a gift that keeps giving.
In the name of tree-hugging, give a set of seeds to start a green garden.
If all your creative efforts fail, consider giving a gift certificate to a green spa or store. Or, make a donation to a green charity or have a tree planted for a special occasion.
Pretty much every gift imaginable and then some, can be greened, with just a little effort and imagination.

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