Great Gift Challenge: Bosch Laser Range Finder & Craftsman Wet/Dry Vac

It’s week 3 of the Great Gift Challenge from Martha Stewart and eBay. Our previous gifts focused on tools for gardening and home security. We now turn our focus towards a couple of gifts that any do-it-yourself enthusiast would love to receive.
martha-stewart-ebay.gifFor $150 we were able to snag a new Bosch Digital Laser Range Finder and a new Craftsman 16-gal Wet/Dry Shop Vac, an incredible value for two indispensable workshop tools.
The Bosch Digital Range Finder makes quick work of measuring length, area and volume in feet and inches, decimal feet or metric. At 4″ tall its small enough to fit into your pocket and is accurate up to 165 feet so it eliminates the need for long-distance awkward tape measurements which are not only inaccurate but time consuming.

Every homeowner could use a wet/dry vac for use in the shop or inside the home. It’s perfect for those extra dirty spills of toxic or messy liquids as well as hard to clean particles of plastic, metal, sawdust or glass. This model also doubles as an electric leaf-blower so no need for an extra tool that is loud and burns oil.
You’ve still got time to enter the Great Gift Challenge for a chance at winning a $1,000 gift certificate from eBay. When you enter let them know you heard about it from your favorite blogger in Martha’s Circle.

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