Hide Your Flat Panel TV Behind a Work of Art

In the film Thomas Crown Affair, we loved how Pierce Brosnan hid stolen paintings behind an electronically controlled faux piece of art that would raise and lower which provided him access to his secret stash.
The Art Screen from Vutec works in a similar way and instead of hiding contraband it will conceal your big screen TV.
There are numerous pieces of “art” to choose from and they will even do a custom piece of your choosing but that could be costly. The frame styles are also customized by the homeowner and everything is controlled by IR remote.
MSRP is $1,099 and you can install the unit yourself.

It works well with slim line mounts and can be installed on a wall such as concrete or brick or against a wall with a cutout to accommodate a TV on a stand that swivels.
The art isn’t our favorite but if it happens to be your taste then this TV accessory could do wonders for your decor.

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