How Does Your Garden Grow?


Now that most of us are enjoying the highly anticipated spring season, the focus turns to outdoor projects, including gardening. Yet depending on your yard space, time commitment and gardening skill, planning and executing an outdoor oasis can be daunting, to say the least.

Whether you’re working with a blank canvas or have moved into a property with an existing garden, we’ve compiled a list of sources to get you started.

Like any home improvement project, gardening requires research—and, yes, organization. Basic introductions are available all over the Internet, including here and here.

For a scholarly approach, the University of Illinois extension program offers a library of resources, including suggested gardening tools and plant varieties. If you’re working within an existing garden that seems overgrown, reference this visual database to determine what stays—and what goes.

And just as many of us are embracing a greener, Earth-friendly lifestyle, organic gardens are in bloom around the country (and no, we couldn’t resist the pun!) Guides are numerous, whether you’re in search of an overview or a foodie approach. Now get out there and flex that green thumb—just don’t forget the gloves!

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