Tile Backsplash Basics and Helpful Hints

Following is a brief overview of the recommended steps, as well as a few helpful hints, for a successful DIY tile setting project courtesy of TEC Invision:
1. Prepare the Surface: Surface preparation is one of the most important steps in the tile installation process, so it’s crucial to ensure that the wall or floor is rigid, flat, even and free of contaminants.
2. Layout and Cut Tile: The best layouts minimize the number of cut tiles, avoid using cuts that are less than half the width of the tile and position the cut tiles symmetrically on both sides of the wall.
3. Apply Adhesive: Use the flat edge of a trowel to apply a ready-to-use adhesive, such as TEC Invision Universal Adhesive, which is a pre-mixed, high-performance adhesive that sets the tile on the wall or floor. After spreading an even coat of adhesive on the surface, “comb” the material with the notched section of the trowel to form even ridges that improve adhesion and allow the tile to lay flat.

4. Install the Tiles: Next, the tile is pressed into the adhesive. When using individual tiles, they should be installed in a step-like fashion, working upward and outward; sheet tile should be rolled up on to the wall with the mesh backing facing the adhesive.
5. Grout and Caulk: After allowing the adhesive to dry overnight, the next step is to grout and caulk the tile. Choose products that are offered in a wide variety of colors to match the selected tile, such as TEC Invision Ready-to-Use Grout and Caulk. In addition to ease of use and color-coordination, the Ready-to-Use Grout
offers stain resistance and protection from mold and mildew, eliminating the need
to ever seal the grout. Apply the grout to the tile surface and use a tool such as a rubber grout float to pack the joints and scrape off the excess. Once the grout has cured, the Ready-to-Use Caulk is applied along the seam of the tile surface.
6. Clean Tile Surface and Admire the Finished Product!
For more in-depth information about the recommended steps, the required tools and the ready-to-use tile installation products used in this segment of Designing Spaces, visit www.tecinvision.com.
photo: tornatore

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