Installing an Under-Sink Water Filter

installing water-filter.jpg
We love tap water! Want to save money and the environment? Make your own bottles of water which is the same stuff that Dasani (Coca-Cola) and Aquafina (Pepsi) are selling you. First start with installing an under sink water filter.
If you are wary of your local tap water and the taste or color of your water doesn’t seem right then install an under-sink water filtration system that is unobtrusive and takes little time or money.
Find the Filter
Take time when shopping for a filter. Make sure it is capable of handling the amount of water you will be pushing through it and check on the price of replacement filters as these can add up quickly.

Which Sink?
It’s probably best to put the filter in a sink that sits below a cabinet so the filter remains hidden. The kitchen is great and some bathrooms make it possible.
Water Lines
Shut off the main water line coming into the house then turn on your faucet to bleed the rest of the water from the system. Then open the water line under the sink and reroute it to the filter and attach the filter to the tap under the sink.

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