Introducing Not Norm

Charles and Hudson is pleased to announce a new project of ours called Not Norm.
Although we aspire to be as skilled, polished, and good looking as the Do-It-Yourself experts on TV, we most often end up with results that are only worth photographing or recording because of the horror and hilarity that has ensued (see above video).
But no matter how strange your finished project looks or how bad your DIY technique is, this site should make you realize that it’s OK if you’re Not Norm.

We also understand it’s not always the amateurs who make mistakes so you’ll find the work of plenty of pros who should still be in training.
Please share photos and videos of you or your neighbors favorite home improvement follies, fumbles, or the just plain bizarre by either email or add them to our Flickr photo pool and our favorites will be shared for the world to laugh/cry with you.

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