Japanese Ofuro Soaking Tubs

The Japanese soaking tubs (Ofuro) are becoming much more popular in the West due to their convenient size and ease of use and although the ofuro is used for washing it’s primary purpose is relaxation.
You should definitely test the tub before buying one. You’ll want to sit in it and move around a bit. Imagine if you were taking a bath. Do you feel relaxed? Do this with a few different tubs. Some people don’t like sitting while bathing.
There are also some important considerations regarding the construction and installation of an ofuro tub.

* Can your floor joists handle the load? There is a lot more water than a standard tub.
* Will the tub fit through your door? They are typically wider than the widest width of a normal tub.
* Can your hot water heater handle the load of heating so much water?

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