Landscaping Tips to Sell Your Home

It’s proven that curb appeal counts a lot towards how soon and for how much your home will sell. With just a few minor and inexpensive changes to the outside of your home, you’ll raise the value that will most certainly result in a net gain when selling your home.
1. Clear the Yard
Nobody likes to see junk stored on a lawn. Not your friends, not your neighbors and certainly not your realtor or prospective home buyers. Get rid of it.
2. Trim Everything
Lawns, bushes, trees, branches, these can all easily become overgrown and obscure the nice aesthetic of a home. Peel away these layers so visitors can see what your house really looks like.
3. Take a Look
Don’t just rely on a drive-by of your home that you do everyday. Walk out in front and view your home from across the street at different angles. Bring an objective friend with you. Have them point out what is appealing and unappealing about your home’s appearance and keep an open mind to change.

4. Lighten Up
Not only is opening drapes nice to do for light inside when people are viewing a home but from the outside it’s more inviting if the drapes are drawn open.
5. Define the Areas
It helps to use borders to define areas of your yard that might not be as easy to distinguish. It’s easier on the eyes if you can tell where the rose bush ends and the lawn begins. It’s also better for irrigation and runoff.

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