LeBron James Knows Loveseats

Are sectionals the new sneaker when it comes to professional athletes? The King, LeBron James, may have you thinking that.
As the NBA trade deadline looms today and everyone wonders if LeBron will stay in Cleveland or make the move to New York or even LA, the Furniture Today drops that LeBron will enter into a license deal with American Signature Furniture and work to develop his own line of furniture.
It’s certainly a unique concept and if LeBron can make Cleveland a winner maybe he can do the same for the lagging furniture industry. American Signature seems like a good fit.
Here are some other NBA deals just waiting to happen.
Kobe for Z Gallerie – HIs Black Mamba line would kill it!
Shaq for LazyBoy – The Diesel recliner would be a best seller
Tony Parker for DWR – He and Eva would turn that company around
Tim Duncan for Ethan Allen – Traditional but solid
Steve Nash for IKEA – A reach but he does have a Euro draw with his footie skills
DeWayne Wade for BoConcept – Both modern and well-dressed
Are we on track here?

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