Marie Know’s Home Improvement

marie-home-improvement-guide-book.jpgWe see and read a lot of home improvement books. It’s helpful to get off the web sometimes and read paper (gives the eyes a rest).
We just had a chance to go over a new home improvement book that’s geared towards women called Marie’s Home Improvement Guide. It’s written by Marie L. Leonard who runs her own home improvement business which gives her a solid foundation from which to write this book.
Out initial impression of books targeted to women is poor. Many times the focus is too much on what women can and supposedly can’t do instead of going through a real project with less focus on gender but more on how to use the correct tools the right way to finish a project. One example is her recommendation to ditch the 16oz. claw-hammer for a 7oz. which is more than enough weight for household chores and you’ll be less fatigued during and after your job. There are more great tips like these as well as common project HowTo’s and easy to decipher illustrations.

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