New Yorkers are Flocking to Fixer-Uppers

The demand for fixer-uppers in NYC has never been that high but as inventory has grown and the competitive prices for move-in ready apartments continues to swell, more city dwellers are considering renovating old dwellings.
If the buyer is in a comfortable living situation and doesn’t mind waiting to renovate or moving in at a later date then they are in the ideal situation to take on a fixer-upper. Often times these buyers want an apartment done their way and even if they bought a place that was finished they’d invest money in tearing out a countertop and putting in what they like so they figure why not do it once the right way.

We welcome the upswing in New Yorkers taking on a DIY approach and I’m sure hardware stores like Garber and websites such as Apartment Therapy are more than happy to help.
[via New York Times]
photo: Tina Fineberg

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