Painting a Steel Door Requires Proper Prep

Black is beautiful but sometimes you need to spice things up a bit and add some color. Steel doors look great in muted earth tones but it always depends on the surrounding decor as to what will look good.
Most steel doors come painted from the factory and if you decide to paint the door a new color follow these steps to ensure a nice looking door that you’re happy with.
1. Prep the door – As with any paint project make sure the door is properly prepped before painting. Remove weatherstripping, cover glass or plexi with tape, use a suitable area to paint.
2. Fix it up – Repair any dings or scratches in the door before painting.
3. Time to sand – It’s not necessary to remove the previous paint but give the door a sanding with 200 or higher grit sandpaper. This will provide a nice base for the paint to adhere to.

4. Final clean – Clean the door after sanding to remove all dust, dirt and grime.
5. Note the finish – If the paint finish is different you’ll need to prime the door otherwise go straight to the paint and stick with a high quality paint that will require less coats and go on thicker without running.

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