Painting Vinyl Siding the Right Way

Obviously vinyl siding doesn’t require the maintenance and paint that traditional wood siding does but if you aren’t satisfied with the color can you still paint it?
The answer is yes but you need to clean the siding with a general household cleaner (like Simple Green) beforehand to remove all dirt, mildew and moisture then rinse the cleaning agent off and let dry.
When painting vinyl siding you should keep your colors light as darker colors increase heat absorption and can warp the siding.

You can also paint steel and aluminum siding but after cleaning make sure you prime the rusted areas or replace pieces that are rusted to the core before painting.

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  • Good ideas! I’m thinking if it’s a budget/DIY situation, perhaps 13×13 porcelain floor tiles could add an interesting texture. Fewer grout lines with a larger tile too.

    I am guilty as charged for really liking wood as a countertop. I know I will have it in my next kitchen. The maintenance is only a periodic resanding/oil application. However, water is not its friend, if unchecked, and hot dishes are not either, so one must be cautious.

    One can keep costs low and keep the design simple by using 3/4 granite (as opposed to 1 1/2″) in a very simple/uniform grain pattern, so it does not yell “granite.” Look for a small fleck.

    • Thanks Susan. Wood countertops done right are gorgeous but you’re right, they do require care.

  • With such a cool vintage stove and retro-colored cabinets, I would suggest going with something like a quartz solid countertop material (i.e. Silestone or Caesarstone – they both have some yummy colors that would really emphasize this retro kitchen). I also like recycled glass, such as EnvironGlas, which still has that retro vibe and is green. We recently redid a vintage kitchen that has a similar stove with this countertop material ( Both are very low maintenance and highly durable.

    If these countertops are out of your price range, I would suggest going back to the old-school tile (4″ x 4″ with a trim piece) that is more appropriate for the period your kitchen appears to be. A little bit more maintenance (with the grout and all) but definitely cheaper and will look like it belongs with your kitchen.

  • ConstructionDealcom

    The glass countertop would be perfect here. It can hard to find someone who can do glass in every neighborhood, so I would also recommend the stainless.

    Another option – also hard to find – would be a bamboo countertop. There’s a company in North Hollywood (totally bamboo, I think it’s called) that could help them out.

  • beth

    how about a nice tile with a very thin space between for grout? almost so it looks like one piece. i just saw them do that on a remodeling show on HGTV a few wks ago. it looked super sharp!

  • J

    White marble, so many beautiful choices. You don’t need a lot, so it would be cost effective too!

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  • We do like the mustard green which lends a vintage appeal to the kitchen

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