PaintRemedy iPhone App Helps with Wall Prep

After you’ve selected the color you want and assembled your painting supplies, the first step before applying the paint is prepping your wall surface. The most high quality paint will have a tough time adhering properly to a surface that is dirty, moldy or in any way not ready to accept paint.
There’s now an iPhone app called PaintRemedy, developed by the Paint Quality Institute (a Dow Chemical Company), that allows you to identify your type of wall prep issue and provides you with a solution for fixing the wall and properly prepping it before painting.
More info about this iPhone app.
PaintRemedy is a free and easy-to-use app that allows users to quickly pinpoint and identify a home’s interior and exterior paint problems. Developed for both professional painting contractors and do-it-yourselfers, this handy tool shares specific tips to correct the old paint problem before repainting.

-See actual images of paint or surface problems
-Identify interior and exterior paint problems with a simple image view
-Learn how to solve and prevent problems from reoccurring
This makes it easy to determine if those black spots can just be scrubbed off or if it requires a bigger job. Can your wall grime be removed by soap and water or do you need a more toxic solution?
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