PermaFLOW – The No Clog Drain at 2010 Builders’ Show

We appreciate simple products that upon visual inspection are easy to recognize what purpose they serve. The PermaFLOW is one such product.
Simply remove your current p-trap located below a kitchen or bathroom sink and replace it with a the PermaFLOW which will allow you to easily remove a drain buildup before a clog develops. This in turn eliminates the use of plunging, toxic drain cleaners and expensive service calls.

If your drain starts to slow down you reach under the sink and give the external dial a spin which moves the debris back into the water stream and you’ve got a clear drain again. This product is clear which also makes it easy to locate lost jewelry or valuables that may have fallen into a sink. Because it also eliminates the need for drain chemicals your home waste water will always remain much cleaner.

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