Portland Adds More Tool Libraries – Time to Study Up!

Portland has established itself as a leader in conservation and that coupled with being a mecca for DIY enthusiasts and remodelers has created the perfect environment for successful tool libraries, of which Portland now has 3.
According to OregonLive.com
“The whole idea is everybody doesn’t have to own a power drill or a post-hole digger,” says Tom Thompson, a 58-year-old remodeling contractor who serves as volunteer toolmaster for the northeast tool library. “We wanted to be able to help out the environment and help out people, especially with the economy the way it is today.”

Tools range from the simple, including screwdrivers, hoes, hand saws and wheelbarrows, to the complex, including table saws, chop saws, air compressors and nail guns. Each tool has a four-digit ID number so the library can track borrowing on a volunteer-built computer program.
We’re hoping this trend spreads to other cities.
Hat tip GOOD

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