Protect Your Home’s Gutters with GutterMonster

In Kansas City, each of the four seasons isn’t shy about making itself known to residents, whether that means 100-degree temperatures with 90 percent humidity or a below-zero plunge and an ice storm.
To protect your home’s gutters year-round, consider the GutterMonster system, an unobtrusive gutter guard that boasts a “patent-pending corner system,” according to the company, that will disperse water “evenly along the roofline.”

During the fall, GutterMonster minimizes the need for gutter cleaning as leaves and debris skim over the top of the gutter. And in the winter, GutterMonster gives much-needed protection against snow and wind.
In the Kansas City area, GutterMonster is available through St. Clair Corporation in Lenexa, a Kansas City suburb.

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  • Todd Dudekewic

    These look good in theory, but there’s a lot of potential for small debris to get in there, especially when the wind is high. Eventually you’ll have a gutter full of pine needles, and it will be just as clogged. Then you’ll have to remove this thing in order to clean them.

    Fine mesh gutter guards provide a better alternative, in my opinion. They fit right into the gutter, and you basically only need to scrub the tops of it. They make it physically impossible for fine debris to get inside of them, and they’re just as unobtrusive as this system is.