Refrigerator Organizing Tips to Keep Food Fresh and Healthy

Some tips for organizing your refrigerator to keep food at it’s most fresh.
Signs of a messy fridge.
+ Milk and eggs are on a shelf on the door. This is the warmest part of the refrigerator and shouldn’t house highly-perishable items.
+ Raw meat is on the top shelf and isn’t securely wrapped. Dripping meat can contaminate the food below.
+ Apples and carrots are next to each other. Apples produce ethylene, a substance that can cause some foods (including carrots) to spoil sooner.
+ Spills abound, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

A neat fridge.
+ Only condiments (salad dressing, ketchup etc.) and other items that don’t perish quickly are on the door’s shelves.
+ Vegetables are wrapped in plastic and placed in the crisper drawers. This is one of the coldest parts of the fridge and the humidity is set to keep vegetables fresh.
+ The fridge isn’t too tightly packed, allowing for good air flow, which helps keep food cold.
Refrigerator manufacturers are trying to make it easier to organize and clean but its really up to you to follow these steps and do it at least once a month.
These tips adapted from Wall Street Journal.

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