Removing Ants Naturally That’s Safe for You and Your Family

antsAnts, a common nuisance for homeowners, love kitchens for obvious reasons. Even if you keep your counters and cupboards clear of food, ants will find a way into your home and only need a few drops of spilled soda or bread crumbs to make them decide to stick around for more.
The problem with getting rid of ants the conventional way using bait traps and sprays is that you are exposing yourself and your food to toxic chemicals. These poisons are particularly dangerous when used in the kitchen when potentially every surface comes into contact with food.
Pesticides used in the kitchen also don’t remove ants from their base source, which will continue to grow if left unchecked. The number one way to remove ants is to remove their source of food.
Follow these steps to get rid of these buggers for good:

1. Clean, Clean, Clean
-It sounds obvious, but listen up: Ants don’t just go for what you typically think is ant food. Make sure you clean your countertops using soap and water after each meal. Also, keep your range free of grease and oils.
-Food kept in your cabinets should be in tightly sealed containers, preferably those with tight fitting snap on lids or rubber seals. Screw on tops can be circumvented by ants who crawl through the threads and into the food.
-Empty your garbage and clean your waste baskets regularly.
-Another culprit is pet food. Don’t leave pet food out and clean your pet’s bowl regularly of pet food residue.
-Clean dirty dishes immediately and don’t let water stand in your sink or other areas. Ants will come marching.
2. Seal
Use clear silicon caulk to seal areas where ants might enter your home. Seal around electrical outlets, cabinets and walls, under the sink, around the faucet, and check the baseboards and moldings. Use weatherstripping around doors and windows, which will not only act as an ant deterrent but also save energy!
3. Quick fix
If you are overrun with ants, a quick and non-toxic solution is to mix a teaspoon of liquid soap in a spray bottle and spray areas where you see the ants. This will not only kill the ants but also remove their trails so others won’t follow.
Photo: FBoyd, Flickr
Article originally posted on ShelterPop

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