Research Your Home’s History

You’ve likely spent a good deal of time and money on renovating your older home. While you’re working to restore newness and increased functionality to your residence, consider devoting time to tracing your home’s roots–much like you would when searching for family genealogy.
Writer Kimberly Powell suggests several tips for structuring and starting your search. You’ll likely separate your information into architectural facts and historical facts. Look for clues in your home’s architecture, the type of materials used in construction or the placement of the windows. For more in-depth information, examine home and property deeds by way of a grantee index.

Researching your home’s story not only allows you to pay homage to the past, but also lends additional significance to the present and future of your house. Besides–spending a couple of hours researching in air-conditioned comfort can be a great way to pass an otherwise stifling summer day!
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