Safety Tubs Bring Universal Design to the Bathroom

Universal design to benefit seniors and the physically challenged is an under served sector of home and interior design. But with the aging boomer population, there is an opportunity for manufacturers and designers to work with people who have special needs when it comes to living in their home.
There are some designers who do focus on the kitchen and are well-versed in universal design, but a properly designed bathroom is even more vital for people who need assistance.

I’ve gone through the unfortunate process of having ACL knee surgery (twice) and both times I was limited to sponge baths and would have loved to indulge in a proper shower or bath but my current tub/shower setup wasn’t conducive to someone with limited mobility.
At the 2010 Builders’ Show I had an opportunity to check out Safety Tubs which are designed for active seniors, elderly people, disabled people, people with limited mobility or anyone looking for a safer and more comfortable bathing experience.
These tubs don’t skimp on the luxuries. The walk-in bath is 37″ deep and holds a whopping 80 gallons of water allowing for the most submersive soak possible. There are spa-like add-ons such as a massage system, chromatherapy and aromatherapy.
One of their most popular products is the seated safety shower (shown above).
Features include:
Highly durable and luxurious cast acrylic construction; wide, contoured, full-sized seating area with recessed front to make standing or sitting easy; an accessory ledge for personal items; and a built-in armrest to help you relax and enjoy your shower experience. The Seated Safety Shower™ also features a low 3″ threshold and a built-in wrap-around grab bar that allows you to always feel safe and confident, no matter if you’re standing, sitting, entering or exiting.
If you or a loved one is in need of some extra assistance in the bathroom then check out the Safety Tub before you start your remodel. They really could be life changing.

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