SnapStone Interlocking Tile System: Tiling Made Easier

We were recently introduced to SnapStone which is a floating porcelain tile system. What’s unique about SnapStone is that along the edge of each piece of tile are a set of over/under teeth that when set against another piece of tile will lock each in place.
This inter-locking system creates a uniform installation and cuts your tiling time down by eliminating the need for spacers and grids. The bottom is also rubberized which minimizes sound and eliminates the need for underlayment as it will “float” directly over vinyl, wood, concrete or ceramic without adhesive or mortar.

It was extremely easy to lock and unlock the tile pieces and this is a true DIY project as their website contains a wealth of information for installation including videos, FAQ’s and discussion boards.
They come in 12″ x 12″ and 6″ x 6″ sizes. You can purchase online at Flooring Market or at select retailers across the country.

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