Solution For A Sagging Sofa

What I love most about the blogosphere is how you can find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. While perusing one of my favorite fashion reads, Fashion Is Spinach, the delightful Ms. Spinach shared an ingenious solution to her sagging sofa cushions.
She had bought a mid-century wood frame couch and replaced the original cushions with foam. Alas, the foam did not hold up so well. Rather than splurge on custom upholstered cushions right away, Ms. Spinach’s Mother had a delightful idea.

The couch received a lovely makeover by using patio cushions which she purchased on the cheap from Target. If you own a nice wood frame couch or futon, patio cushions are an excellent solution. They’re sturdier fabrics, they come in great print options and they’re easy to find on clearance in the off season.
What do you think of using patio cushions inside?

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