Spankin’ New Shower Enclosures

Have you ever gutted, dry walled, renovated and had to install a shower and tub in a bathroom? Well, I haven’t. But I have had to lay down new flooring, repaint, rip out cabinets, install new cabinets in a bathroom in my last home.
But guess what had to stay? A purple bathtub and sink because I didn’t have the budget or motivation to replace it. That’s right. Purple. Some call it lazy, I call it practical.
It’s just too bad that the new Freesia one-box system from ASB didn’t exist back then. It’s literally like a “shower in a box” solution. It even includes the shower curtain, rod and rings. Install it and you’re done. It has a 34 inch round base and 72 inch walls so its smaller footprint makes it ideal for teeny bathrooms – especially in older homes like my former Maine cottage.
If you have existing space limitations – this is a super easy solution. Oh, and it’s a glue-up unit which means you can glue it over wallboard. Forget renovations in a weekend – you can have a new bathroom in a couple of hours.

ASB has also introduced the Cerise – a fancier but just as easy way to update the water closet. There’s no need for wall board since they attach directly to the wall studs themselves, which allows the built-in corner caddy to support more weight. You can purchase the system together with the base and enclosure, or the base can be purchased separately for tile wall installation.
I think you all know what I’ll be doing once these packages come out. I’ll be headed straight back to my old purple palace to try and modernize it. Luckily, it won’t take up my whole weekend.
(Thanks to Dan for the heads-up!)
Photos: Masco Bath

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