Speed Drops: Drop, Kick, Paint

Zibra, a manufacturer of various home improvement products, has developed a convenient and simple alternative to the canvas dropcloth used to protect floors during painting projects. We had an opportunity to check out the Speed Drops at the National Hardware Show and agree it can be a great solution for professional and DIY painters.
Typical canvas dropcloths take time properly setup as to make certain there are no gaps where the floor might be exposed and there is always a concern that paint will go through the cloth if it sits for too long. They are also a bit unwieldy and can be a chore to fold and store.

The spokesman for Speed Drops was a high energy bald guy (think Mr. Clean) who claimed to be a professional painter. He knew the product well and in his opinion Speed Drops was a game changer because:
+ Simple to use
+ Padded (easy on the feet and knees)
+ Non-permeable (paint doesn’t go through)
+ Easy to store
Seems like a definite time saver which is a huge plus. Look for it at your local hardware store soon.

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