Sustainable Dog Houses for Your Green Pet

If you’re gonna go green when designing your home, you might as well do it for your pets too. Sustainable Pet creates unique pet homes that have vegetated roofs. These eco-roofs provide insulation, filter run off water and look beautiful. Each pet home they build is custom for your pet’s size requirements. Everything from a big lab to a little yorkie can have the home of their dreams.
These pet paradises are made of non-toxic paint, untreated cedar boards and beeswax waterproofing. They’ve even constructed an “Obama dog home” modeled after Greek revival architecture.

What do you think of these high-end and eco-friendly homes for your furry friends?

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  • Allison

    I’ve found it always helps to take a contractor or two around when looking at rental property. They will see things I might not. We almost bought one house but were afraid of the cost to replace the wiring (or the fire that might start instead), so you never know. Here’s a good thread on how to inspect wiring– might help those who aren’t electrically inclined.