Taking Down Christmas Lights Safely

Usually we are in no rush to take down Christmas lights and will wait until the first weekend after the new year. As always its important to not forget these safety tips for removing lights as we may feel rushed to get them down as soon as possible and want to take shortcuts.
We did hear a frightening story this year about a friend who was on a ladder and reaching to wrap lights around a banister and was standing past the top rung and trying to reach much to far which caused the ladder to tip over which left her hanging. Fortunately someone else was home to help her out or else she would have experienced an ugly fall.
Use the Handy Hook to help you get at the hard to reach lights.
Step Ladder safety should be at the top of the list for home skills that everyone should know.
Don’t leave your lights and extension cords in a big mess. Here are some techniques for folding the cords so they are easy to access and prevent wear and tear on the lights.
Follow these light hanging safety tips in reverse when taking lights down.

photo: opencontent

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