The Anti-DIY Duo

The backlash to the home decoration/renovation tv shows has begun and is being led by one of the leaders in this show category, HGTV. This network will launch two Canadian shows hosted by Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan called, How Not to Decorate and Home Heist. If these shows prove popular to our Northern neighbors we’re sure you’ll see them here soon.
How Not to Decorate seems like the home version of What Not to Wear and although these shows only scratch the surface of the home remodeling process, they’ve touched a nerve with folks who prefer the DIFY (Do-It-For-You) approach.
Of course homeowner renovations can go horribly wrong and it’s very easy to get in over your head, but that doesn’t mean you should not attempt a project, especially if you’ve armed yourself with the proper knowledge of how to execute and complete a project. It also helps to communicate with other homeowners who may have faced similar projects, and the venerable remains the best forum for this.

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