The Ultimate Child Monitoring System: The Protector from Taser

When I was in 6th grade my parents had a beeper system that I took with me when I left the house to ride my bike in the neighborhood. When it was time to come home for dinner or play time was up they would buzz me. Much like the fancy light up buzzers that are handed out at the Cheesecake Factory that let you know when your table is ready but with probably a shorter range.
This was way before cellphones and even before pagers were the rage. It seemed very high-tech at the time and it was too cool to be dorky or frowned upon (or at least I thought so).
In 2010 the Protector from Taser has arrived that makes my beeper system seem like the dark ages.
The Protector is one of the more interesting product announcements we found at CES 2010 and should be available to the public this year.
Once the Protector software is installed on your mobile phone system you can set a plethora of alerts that will notify you of your child’s behavior. We thought these were the most scary or useful – depending how you look at it.

1. Using your child’s mobile GPS the Protector will alert you when your child goes 10 miles over the speed limit or enters a zone specified by you to be a bad part of town or an area that is off limits when driving.
2. You can interrupt or listen into any mobile phone conversation your child is having as you are alerted to their phone use.
3. Monitor texts sent and received as well as photos that are sent via MMS.
4. Be aware of cyber-bullying by monitoring texts.
Check out this video from Sheriff John Bunnell introducing the Protector and this overview will give you the rest of the details.
What do you think? Great monitoring system or big brother intrusive?
If you would like to search for other Taser products we’ve got a link to a discount page and you can buy personal protection for your entire family and get FREE shipping on purchases over $100.

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