Tiling Made Easy Sans Mortar and Mastic

Installing a tile kitchen backsplash or shower surround is one of the most popular do-it-yourself projects, but mastering the tile application process can be frustrating and full of trial and error.
We love products that make our projects easier and the Bondera Tile Mat Set certainly fits the bill. Bondera is a pressure-sensitive self-adhesive that repels water and is mold resistant and environmentally friendly.
They sent us one of the most clever media kits we’ve seen. One side of the tile mat was already applied to the cover of this box and we simply peeled the liner and positioned small tile samples directly to the Bondera mat. We repositioned our tile a few times and once we were set we pressed really hard and presto! We had a somewhat interesting box.

If you were to install this at home you simply position one side of the adhesive to your substrate then place your tiles directly on the other side of the adhesive where they will hold. You can immediately apply grout so your tile job is finished in a day. No more waiting for mortar or mastic to dry.
Bondera can be used on kitchen walls, backsplashes and countertops; bathroom walls and countertops; tub and shower surrounds; and other horizontal or vertical interior spaces.

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