The Top 10 Home Improvement Movies

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After watching the Money Pit for the first time in about 10 years time we decided to compile our “Top 10 Home Improvement Movies”. Remodeling may not be the central theme but the home definitely plays a role in these films (kinda). Here we go…
10. Made ~ This film is a reach for this list – in fact it shouldn’t really be on this list but we were having a hard time coming up with 10. But the movie starts with one of our all-time favorite scenes as Favre and Vaughn work as part of a construction crew and negotiate taking “breaks” and take lip from an snooty interior designer. If you like these two you’ll love this scene.
9. Poltergeist ~ I only moved once as a child and after watching this film I never wanted to move again.
8. House of Sand and Fog ~ By far the most dramatic film on this list. The passion portrayed by two parties fighting for a home they believe is rightfully theirs is gut-wrenching.
7. Under the Tuscan Sun/A Good Year ~ Who wouldn’t’ want to take time out from their life to enjoy renovating a villa in the South of France or Italy???
6. Home Alone ~ Mac turns his house into a pranksters dream and we still don’t know how Daniel Stern survived the paint bucket to the face.

5. Christmas Vacation ~ From the overdone lights to the DIY tree, this is a yearly must-see.
4. The Notebook ~ Rachel McAdams had us at “Hello” and Ryan Goslings transformation of his dream Victorian was impeccable. Bonus points for the gorgeous Greek Revivals shown throughout the film.
3. Field of Dreams ~ Not quite a home remodel but definitely a spectacular addition.
2. The Karate Kid ~ We all ached for Danielson when he had to “Sand the Floor” or “Paint the Fence”
1. The Money Pit ~ Tom Hanks at his comedic best. This should be mandatory viewing for anyone tackling a renovation, not for what you’ll learn but strictly for the laughs. And if you’ve got a cool $7.9 you can buy the house! It’s a 9-bedroom 1898 Colonial located in Lattingtown, NY.

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