Top 21 Build-It-Yourself Projects

We’ve got a ton of build-it-yourself projects available in our archives and but we’ve gone ahead and pulled your favorite 21. Grab your hammer and get to work!
1. Build Your Own Outdoor Shower
2. Build or Demolish an Interior Door
3. Build Your Own Garden Box
4. Build a Brick BBQ Grill
5. Build an Interior Wall Using Metal Studs
6. Build a Shoe Rack
7. Build a Wheelchair Ramp to Your Home
8. Build Your Own Bar!
9. Build a Clothes Drying Rack
10. Build a Custom Dog House

11. Build a Potting Bench
12. Build a Plate Rack
13. Build a Concrete Patio
14. Build a Wine Rack
15. Build a Solid Workbench
16. Easy to Build Wine Cork Board
17. Build a Beehive (and fill it with bees)
18. Build a Bunk Bed Side Table for Safety and Convenience
19. Build a Compact TV Stand
20. Build an Outdoor Shed
21. Build an Outdoor Deck (with rounded corners)

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