Where to Save: Kitchen Remodel, Part One

Los Angeles. Las Vegas. Dallas. New York. Sound like the highlights of a cross-country road trip? Think again … these cities are the original destinations of the appliances in this Hollywood Hills kitchen.
After a pipe burst and flooded their house, Steven Melnick and Melissa Burton embarked on an extensive remodel. Rather than pay retail prices for kitchen wish list items, Steven scoured Craigslist for deals from private sellers. Among the highlights: a new Sub-Zero refrigerator for $3,400 (retail $8,000); a used DCS duel fuel range for $2100 (retail $7100); a new Viking vent hood for $800 (retail $1,600); a used Miele built-in coffee system for $700 (retail $2,600); and a new Elkay sink and bottom grid for $500 (retail $1,100).

This type of purchasing is not for the rigid or impatient. Appliances bought on Craigslist typically are not under warranty (even if they are technically “new”) and others are sold gently used. But if you’re willing to commit the time to research your product and interview potential sellers, you could save yourself thousands on high-end products.
Next you may be wondering how to get the items once you’ve made the purchase. For appliances traveling long distances, Steven and Melissa recommend uShip. It’s like the eBay of the shipping world. You simply go to the website, describe the size and location of the item you want shipped, and independent shippers will bid for your business. For example, Steven and Melissa found a trucker whose monthly route took him from Dallas to San Francisco, and just like that, the Sub-Zero was on its way to California.
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