Your Truck is Your Castle

The auto industry is facing a crisis unlike any they’ve ever experienced. This morning GM announced it’s plans for filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy and it looks as though Chrysler which is currently in bankruptcy re-organization will be sold to Fiat. Ford is the only manufacturer of the Big 3 that didn’t need bailout money and they hope to capitalize on market share while the other two continue to struggle.
We’ve always been proud Ford owners and have fond memories of a 1970 Ford Bronco. Our current Ford is a 2001 F-150 Supercrew. It’s got all the cargo, hauling, and towing capabilities we’d ever need and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. We’ve heard of some folks getting incredible deals right now on all sorts of vehicles but especially full-size trucks.

If Ford’s aren’t your thing would you consider the Japanese offerings such as the Toyota Tundra or Nissan Titan or stick with the Chevy Silverado or Dodge Ram?
If you had your choice what truck would you own and why??? Maybe it’s time you get your dream truck as the price has never been better!

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